You Decide!

This moment, just right now you decide

How you feel, what you want, what comes to you and what doesn’t.

Yeah, you decide!  Even refusing to make a decision… procrastinating is a decision whether it’s that you don’t have enough information or are not comfortable with either possible outcome.. baby it’s a decision none the less!

How about this?

Decide to be happy, do one thing today that you know makes you happy

Decide to be fit, do one thing today that is heading towards fitness

Decide to be healthy, eat one thing today that is heading towards healthy

Decide to be empowered, say one thing to someone today that is your truth

Decide to be loved, take one step towards intimacy with someone

Decide to be wealthy, say no to boredom shopping and hello to nest egg

Decide to be talented, embrace that thing you do well and practice ~seriously

Decide to be beautiful, your brightest smile right at them now kaboom!

Decide to share, there really is enough of everything to go around, it’s love