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A friend of mine asked a question on Facebook about how one goes from dreaming about goals or dreams to living them.

I have lived some serious ups and downs over the years and have only just recently learned to learn to manifest my destiny.  (yes that extra learn is in there for a reason) Prior to learning I was just surviving the ups and downs with not much success but still on the right side of grass, just barely.

My attitude caught me by surprise one day… I was having a mental conversation with myself after another challenging night time meeting in my profession (real estate management), my alter ego says… “wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to cuddle on the couch with?” My mental response “What? so they can talk about themselves for 2 hours and then want sexual favours?”  Obviously I was nowhere near ready to attract the man of my dreams. Yep, probably repellant rather than attractive with an attitude like that!

So what does that have to do with dreams and bringing them into reality? What if you have an attitude or opinion or even something silent inside you that is repelling the very thing that you think you’d love to attract?

My advice to my friend was to take it as it comes and know (trust) that this is where you are supposed to be right now. Yeah right now, wherever you are is the right place to be.  Hard to stomach?  Somewhere inside your soul wants to be there and has to be there for it’s (and your)  development.  If you could see the tiny little you on your journey from 1000 KM above, you’d be able to see the next destination and at least 10 more after that and be able to cheer your little you on. Go little you!! You can do it and the future is rosy!

Also find ways of bringing your special kind of joy to you.

Say you love to cook and get a very special kind of pleasure in cooking but are worried about your weight and then say to yourself, no self we can’t cook desserts it’s not healthy… “um no cooking desserts is lovely” your soul says and there you go- a soul conflict…making it somehow forbidden to do the fun thing that makes you happy.

What if you take the time to do things that bring you pleasure and then that special happiness-attractive energy will work for you to start bringing more happy-attractive options into your life? When the options show up, say Yes. Even if they are scary or require planning or long term planning or an investment in you, it will pay off if its something that makes your soul sing.  This Yes energy takes on a life of it’s own bringing people into your life that are Yes people which has it’s own special life cycle of happiness.

Here’s to Yes People!

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