Who says that?

We have been trained by our parents or culture or our parent’s culture what it is that we can (and can’t do) with our lives and for real 98% of the voices inside our heads are not even ours.

One of the first questions I heard through Access Consciousness was “Who says that?”

So for every conclusion you have about any facet of your life and any rule that you are presented with, you can say “Who says that?” Most times the answer will just pop in your head like your Mom or your Dad. You can even go a step further and ask who said that before my Dad?

The lineage probably goes 500 or 5000 years back in time without anyone ever asking “Who says that?” and the thought or conclusion really did originate with that person. What if 98% of the thoughts and ideas in your head are not even yours?

Do you really want to live your life on Auto-Pilot?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools that you can use to change virtually anything in your life that is not working for you.

It all starts with the question.