When MOMS are Bullies!

The apple can’t fall far from the tree.. it just can’t. As mothers we have such an influence on our children in so many ways. We have to watch what we think and what we infer to our children.

I read a blog about the little boy (5 years old) who wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. His mother bit her lip and triple checked and then got him his Daphne costume and went with the flow. Then she arrived at school (Kindergarten, people, kindergarten!) and the children galloped off together to play, with a few cools and nods of appreciation… then the mothers circled like vultures hemming and hawing and trying to make the mother feel like she had done something wrong by “allowing” her son to pick the Daphne costume. Inferring that by dressing like a girl he might “turn gay” or be weird or something. The Moms who should know better and be a good example were the ones who had the “problem”. Sheesh… I dressed like Gene Simmons from KISS one year and I am still not a world famous womanizing rock star!

I too have had my run in with a bullying mother who instead of talking to me about something my 7 year old son had said, called the Police!

Judgment, who and what gives us the right to decide what is best for other people? What if the little boy grows up to be gay? Who’s business is that? There are so many parts of our current culture that cater to judgment, gossip sites, hollywood news tv shows, water cooler gossip has gone digital and viral with twitter, facebook and blogs.

I would like to suggest that we put ourselves on a judgment diet. Stay off Perez for a week, don’t watch hollywood news and keep an eye out for the water cooler gossip mongers in your life. I plan on becoming more adept at avoiding gossip and judgment in my life, it serves no purpose and it’s not good for us or the people we are judging. It is perfectly appropriate to let people know that gossip is never appropriate and that you are not going to participate.

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  1. Hey. Thanks for going to my blog too!!! I just read some of your other posts and …. Well…let’s just start a mutual admiration society. I’m going to follow your blog. I like you style too! Good luck with your child. Mine is now 17 and things couldn’t be better!


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