What do you know about this?

When was last time someone asked you what do you know about this?

I remember the first time someone asked me what I knew about something! Total game changer!

I was able to acknowledge that I actually did know quite a bit about the topic that I was asking questions about.

How often have we been led to believe that experts always know more than we know?

How many experts did you pay attention to or take their advice who later turned out to know less about the topic or subject or investments than you did?

When you are faced with a question that you don’t know the answer to or you’re thinking that you need to consult with the experts, stop.

Ask yourself: “Truth what do I know about this?”

Often the information that you require what comes through in a matter of minutes hours or days. How does it get any better than that? Looking for more clarity in life love, money or entrepreneurship?

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