What defines you?

These days the universe is forcing me to look at all the things that I used to define myself and forcing me to throw them away.

I was reading A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle which basically tells us that we are only what we come on the earth and what we leave with (our physical and mental being) and everything else is fluff. At the time I was reading the book it was a bit too deep for my liking. I have a bigger basis for understanding now though.

In Jennifer-ese here are a few things to think about.

If you were forced to leave your home, your job, your stuff, your children and extended family and home town and strike out on your own, how would you fare? What would you have left?

Most people think they would be in the loony bin, however I can tell you from personal experience, you won’t. Not the people that have a strong shining light in their core, which I believe most of us do. A few sorry months of sleeping in and the emptiness goes away and the light demands to be fed something.

Recently I have been tinkering away with a membership to Ancestry.ca and traced my Father’s family back to some pretty interesting folks. Heretics who were forced to leave England and then settled in Holland and then decided to pull up stakes and head to the New World. Pioneers, and also those who stuck to what they believed in no matter if it wasn’t politically correct. Survivors! I took some comfort knowing that I came from so many interesting people… One distant relative owned quite a bit of Manhattan Island… oh to still have that in the Family!! One distant relative was killed in a fight with the natives in New Amsterdam.. so many stories and so many lives.

So I have that, my history, my ancestors, my accomplishments and theirs.

What I am I doing today that feeds my light? Today I went with my family and rode bikes in Stanley Park. The wind was blowing in gorgeous fresh gusts and filling up our lungs with its nourishment. The sun was shining, the water was sparkling and people were smiling, 2 dragon boats filled with energetic shouting paddlers were zipping up False Creek beside us, families of cyclists and walkers were everywhere, how could anyone feel depressed on a day like that?

So I have this, my experiences, my health, sunshine and fresh air.

Pretty hard not to be grateful for it

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