Update to the Power of Prayer: Everybody Loves Good News!

Earlier this year I asked you all to pray for the daughter of a school mate of mine who was injured in a terrible car accident and her family wasn’t sure she was going to make it.  She was on a ventilator and was bedridden and was only blinking to her family as a response.  I am so thrilled to tell you that as of this week she is able to walk short distances without any support at all and if she needs to walk a little further she has a cane.  She is talking and is fine and remembers the accident happening.  She has been home for a short visit and the hospital is just stunned and thrilled with her rapid and amazing progress.  Isn’t that just the best news? The family thanks you for all your prayers and good vibes you have sent their way, good work!!

I would like to ask you for a personal favour.  I am heading back to Court again to ask for my children to move back to my home as their father wants to move them 988km away to a tiny little town in the Rockies and hasn’t seen any sense in letting them move back with me.  Your prayers will help to roll the Universe in the right direction.  My goal is to be a full time mother again in September of 2010 and with your prayers I can make my goal a reality.

A Huge-Gigantic-Tremendous Thanks in Advance,