Today I will Resist

Along with my last post, sometimes resistance isn’t futile.

Sometimes resistance is just what you are supposed to do.

My spiritual practice encourages resistance in some of the best ways.  Resisting the urge to write a scathing email back to someone, resisting telling them in person that they are an idiot, and most especially resisting the actual judgment behind those possible 2 actions. To resist my baser instincts brings me closer to God and the Universe.

Today I am resisting the crank, O yes I feel it, but I am resisting it coming up like a raging pimple in my life. The kind of pimple that everyone can see, that is immune to being concealed, everyone’s eyes are drawn to and that you really really want to squeeze in the hopes that it will finally go away.

Perception is reality, so if I perceive a cranky day then my reality is coloring what I am receiving from the Universe.  I get cranky people on the phone, receive cranky emails and stomp home after work to be cranky to my adorable dog who only wants to love me.

I recognize I am being challenged by the Universe and I am resisting my baser instincts in the hope that I will become that person who naturally resists judgment, easily resists retaliation and can only have hope, love and patience for people who seem to be challenging me.

Today I will resist