Time Travel


Tonight I had the honor of holding my own hand and counseling myself… sort of.


My friend is in a tough spot, she’s working hard but isn’t stimulated on a creative level, she’s trying to jam in spending quality time with her son, who is being sassy and entitled which makes her worried that she’s either too bitchy or too soft depending on the day, she has to fit in training for a fitness event, a social life, cleaning, shopping, eating right and then also feels guilty that she’s drinking a glass of wine almost every night.


It was so eerily similar to events past for myself that I was honored to be there for her and hold her hand and let her have a cry about it. It was sweet to be there for her in her time of need like I would have liked someone there for me when I was going through the same thing. I gave her the advice that I would have given myself, get some daily exercise, no one glass of wine a night is not alcoholism, yes it’s fine for kids to have chores, no you are not a bitch, please just be kinder to yourself, take your vitamins….


I have also noticed that the dynamic between my children is identical to mine and my brother’s. I get the pleasure of parenting myself and my brother and also intervening when the same personality conflicts come up. Just in case I thought I knew a better way of parenting, I get to practise my theories.


I also get nurture my inner child since my youngest is artistic and engaging and cute as hell just like me, also dreamy and impractical and allergic to chores… my oldest is intellectual and has a terrific work ethic is super charming but also impatient, inflexible and has a temper all very similar to myself at times.


This is so valuable! I have been given the opportunity to practise and understand and re-do things over again from another perspective until I have integrated those ideas or traits that are important to my development. I am growing into the woman I was meant to be by virtue of these time travel experiences.


Have a look for time travel experiences in your own life.  They are sure to be there too.