Throwing them back….


Something happening in my life makes me think about my fishing philosophy and how it relates well to life in general


  1. You must be comfy, always make sure you have a chair and blanky and something to wear if it rains.
  2. You must have booze and snacks, otherwise it’s just a boat ride.
  3. If it`s sunny you`d better have shades, take a break be cool.
  4. The company is key, you don’t want to end up on a boat with someone annoying, Seriously NO.
  5. Don`t mind the waves, sometimes you have to take a few bumps to get where you are going.
  6. Don`t be afraid to throw the small ones back, there`s more trust me.
  7. When you land the big one, take pictures and make a fuss, it`s a big deal, celebrate with abandon!