They went and wrecked it! Update

In days past people went to church to be a part of a community and it worked, or at least we thought it did. Mothers were supported by other mothers and felt a sense of belonging, way before the days of Twitter and Facebook people went to Church to get the latest news about what was happening in the community and who was saying what to whom and with what result. Fathers would be able to get the latest information about their work or job opportunities and handsome young men would be able to scope out the pretty bachelorettes of the community in a safe and respectful way.

These days the Church has done nothing to promote a safe and respectful reputation. They have denied that they have been involved in cover-ups of rape and physical and emotional abuse, they have stolen money and used it for nefarious gain and have basically fucked themselves and others for long enough that none of my friends are even interested in belonging to that “club”.

I was reading the paper today at lunch and read about the relocations of various Catholic priests that the Vatican knew were involved with raping children and didn’t ex-communicate, or charge criminally, they just relocated them. As though they wouldn’t be a rapist in another community. It occurred to me that Children should not be allowed to go to Church. Nobody under the age of 18 years old should be allowed to attend mass or any organized religion for that matter as they are not old enough to make the decision for themselves. Plus Children don’t need to go to Church if they are being taught not to rip off cookies out of the cupboards or tell fibs or hammer on their siblings by their parents. No point if there is a significant trickle down effect from your Mom.

What a shame though. Shame on the Church for being perverted and corrupt. People really benefit from the connections with and support of like minded individuals, getting to see them weekly would really make a difference in their lives. It would be cool if the people there were trustworthy and respectable and that I could look there for a husband and not worry that he might be a creep. I know that this is a little simplistic and of course things might not always be that great but what if it could be?

This year I am building my “virtual church” of teachers, friends and family comprised of like minded individuals that want me to do well, and enjoy that I want them to do well too. People who have me on their “lottery list” and know that I have them on mine. I may not get to see them every week but I do get the status updates and maybe they might introduce me to a handsome decent and respectable guy who might want to be a part of the fun.

Just sayin’

Update:  My one Catholic friend is angry at me for this Blog.  I would like to clarify that I am absolutely pro-faith and community and that I am upset that people in a position to be trusted have abused their authority on an epic scale.  I am also including the link to the Pope’s public apology to thousands of Irish children who were abused and chastising the priests and elders involved both as perpetrators and those who acted to cover up the abuse.  This is a definite start.  I suggest something along the lines of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, but aimed at finding and bringing child rapists in the Church to justice.  I think the people need someone to trust.

The Pope’s letter to Ireland below: