The Universe and Manifestation

Manifestation: Sounds a little creepy when you say it to yourself, doesn’t it?

We are actually manifesting every minute without much thought about it. The old saying “You are what you eat” was never any truer. At the moment, I am a yummy sandwich… LOL. Back to the point.

This year, in true Jennifer fashion, I set my goal for the year to meet someone special and to have a significant love relationship. I haven’t had a real relationship in a very long time so it took some serious guts on my part to make this goal for myself instead of being a hermit at home/work which had been my comfort zone for such a long time. Relationships past were no longer going to define me, I was going to define for myself what was important for me and my future.

In order to accomplish this goal I knew it was very important to declare what was going to happen in the clearest way possible so I told myself and everyone important that I wanted to meet this someone and that I would meet him through friends or work since catalogue shopping on the internet wasn’t my idea of a nice way to meet someone. I also made the space for this person to come into my life. I went through all the rooms in my house and got rid of as much stuff as possible. Spiritually I meditated on what qualities were essential and also what were the nice to haves such as someone who liked to dance and go for walks with me and Odie. I defined many details of what it would be like to be with this person and what things we would enjoy together and made myself a picture video of what our lives would be like together.

I am thrilled to say that he is here already and is everything I asked for and more than I could imagine. I was introduced through my friend at work just like I said I would be. He loves to walk and dance with me, is thoughtful and considerate, makes plans with me to take me to special places, finds ways to surprise me and shares everything with me. When he smiles at me I can tell that I am very special to him too and it feels amazing, peaceful, easy and thrilling all at the same time.

I just love the way the universe works…..

3 thoughts on “The Universe and Manifestation

  1. Vicky says:

    Wow, that’s incredible. I completely relate to your blog, but haven’t seriously attempted the manifesting part. I think it’s time to put my desires into words/action and hopefully….I’ll be as fortunate as you when manifesting the “perfect for me” man of my dreams.

    Really enjoy your writing and Congratulations:)

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