The New Polio = Entitlement


Entitlement is the new Polio and we seriously need a vaccine

I read an article today about Tiger Woods where he stated that he pretty much thought that he was above the rules, they didn’t apply to him and he could do whatever he liked and he wasn’t going to get caught. Yep, that’s entitlement.

A client wrote a scathing email to my office stating that since he was away to work for long periods of time and didn’t have the time to look at his bank statements due to this schedule to determine if his payment was coming out of his account and that he shouldn’t have to pay late fines since we only let him know by letter and he wasn’t near his mailbox to open the letters. Yep, that’s entitlement.

I myself have suffered from the entitlement bug and got a huge smack from the universe by losing my job and being off of work for 6 months. You can bet I am very careful what I am putting out into the universe now!

Which makes me think that this whole financial bubble burst is all about entitlement.

The people thought that they deserved to have lavish lives so they created the circumstances themselves. They borrowed too much, they lent too much, they used too much and they spent too much then it all came crashing down on their entitled shoulders. They used their crazy salaries to bankrupt companies that they themselves had a hand in building. They used the government bail out money to take trips and spa days. Yup, that’s entitlement.

Where do we go from here? What is the vaccination for entitlement? Once you actually hit rock bottom, you have to climb back up again, watching out for those entitled individuals that have yet to receive the golden boot from the universe.