Who would you be without your STORY?

Who would you be without your STORY?

Today me and my partner in life and consciousness were talking about how all people have various capacities and how Access The Bars could help them.

We have a vision of teaching The Bars to some people with special abilities like being blind, wheelchair bound, autistic etc.so they can use The Bars as an income generator.

Tom was sharing that vision of opening a healing center for these individuals to work with others, with a parent of a child with autism. Her feedback was that since he lacked empathy (interesting point of view?) that he wouldn’t be good at energy work.

I instantly downloaded that if he had a client that was stuck in their story and wanted to stay there, his “lack of” empathy would be a GIANT gift. There would be no mutual hug-fest only the ability to allow The Bars to do their job. Also if there is no validation of the STORY then is it as real as you allow it to be?

Who would you be if you just deleted the STORY and started your life again tomorrow morning? Would you still choose better for yourself and use your today’s awareness to do so? Can you see how it would take you a shorter amount of time to do things if you didn’t have to go back into the STORY to validate how and why you are choosing for you.

Can you also see how having a supposed lack of empathy actually allows something even greater to show up? Right? Universe? Show me something beautiful today?