Reaping the Dismal Harvest

I know, what a topic!

 In North America during the last century women progressed from legal chattel to having a vote. They started as child brides, then factory workers who progressed to owning the whole factory. Even in the span of my mother’s life there has been such a huge change. Thinking of all the things she has done in her life is very inspiring. She thought she could do it and she was right!


This topic leads me to one of my favorite debates that I have had over the years. In the developing world there has always been a preference for male children. Advances in medicine have made it possible to gender select and families have used that to their advantage to select boys.

Now in India and China, the largest populations in the world there is a huge shortage of brides for these men to marry. These countries are wringing their hands at this discrepancy and wondering what they can possibly do about this shortage of women. As a progressive Canadian woman I say “goodie” and clap my hands at the thought. Finally these huge countries that have neglected, abused, burned and abandoned baby girls are now reaping the dismal harvest.

Women will be in a position of power to choose their mate by wealth, class, distinction and wonder of all wonders, choose a man who suits them. I see it now! A bride price for India and China, the dowry turned on it’s head.

I read in the National Post this morning that China has all these men working their collective butts off and saving up to afford to marry. There is a huge change coming in the world and I think it is marvelous.

Research indicates that women invest more in their families and communities, women have emotional intelligence and will not fight when there is a rational solution to a problem; women will choose to nurture their children if they are left alone to do so.

Imagine a world where all children are equal, no matter what part of the world they come from? That’s the world I want to be a part of.