Quotes from my Grampa Jack (on Knowing your Worth)

“He’s an Asshole” – J.W. Anderson

My Grampa called em like he saw em.  If someone was being an asshole he got called an asshole.  I don’t think he spent one minute worrying what that guy thought of him and whether his interpretation of the situation was accurate or if he was being cranky because he had low blood sugar.  He may however have earned himself a few black eyes in his youth.

I think we should all take a page out of that book now and then.

I personally spend entirely too much time disseminating motives and responses. What if they really are just an asshole and not worthy of my heroic effort to understand them or work with them?

Part of developing poise is knowing my worth and what I will and will not do~especially for an asshole!

John Wesley (Jack) Anderson about 1938