Quotes from my Grampa Jack (on Compliments)

“Always give someone a compliment, it may be the first kind words they have heard all year. If you think it, you should say it!” J.W. Anderson

My Grampa grew up during some pretty hard times.  He had all sorts of businesses during his life and this way of thinking made him a natural at networking. It is something all us Anderson’s learned wisely. Thanks Grampa!

The other day I saw a woman at the grocery store and she was the picture of elegance (or at least my interpretation) hair just so-gorgeous boots-coat-going on, so later when we passed in the isle, I told her she looked beautiful. Could have knocked her over with a feather, but probably made her day/week/month/year as well. She said thank you very much and took my compliment away with her. Made me feel nice to say it and for sure made her feel nice to get noticed.

Sadly people are not connecting as much really, this medium of facebook, blogs, twitter, blackberry lets us see things but not really communicate effectively. We have to make more of an effort to connect, go and see people, talk to people, visit….

Lead with a compliment, see where it goes.

That’s my Grampa and Grannie in 1957 when my Grampa opened his real estate firm, look at the prices!