Quotes from my Grampa Jack (On Abundance)

“Never say no to a free lunch, it may be your last” – J.W. Anderson

My Grampa used to love to take us out to eat, fish and chips or Chinese food were his favourites.  He lived though the big depression when he certainly didn’t have the ability to go out for dinner or even may have wondered where his next meal was coming from.  He and his brother left home in their teens and rode the rails out to BC seeking their fortunes.  They did very well for themselves.

What I get from this is to be aware of abundance from the universe. Don’t set limits on how you receive things.  Parking spots, green lights, free pour cocktails, unexpected concert tickets, an extra 5 minutes on your pedicure are all signs from the universe that you are loved.  It is not up to us to determine where abundance comes from, only to gratefully acknowledge it when it arrives.

Especially when it arrives in the form of a free lunch!!











One of my Grampa’s Taxi’s and my adorable, funny, athletic Grannie (Marguerite Le Bihan Anderson) somewhere in the 40’s