Putting the U back in Y.O.U

I have just returned from a truly life altering experience in Costa Rica at the Certified Facilitators class for Access Consciousness.

Access Consciousness is a dynamic set of pragmatic tools and processes for you to use to change those areas of your life that are not currently working for you.

Listening to the facilitators talk and the questions from the facilitators to be it became more and more clear that there is a deficit on the planet of people that are willing to make themselves a priority in their own lives.

Not in the diva cut to the front of the line, I expect star treatment at Walmart kind of way but in a gentler kind of way.

Moms who keep putting their kids or jobs first to the detriment of their health and Dads who put their wives and children first and don’t end up on the life boat at all kind of way. Young people who are listening to the probably well intentioned advice of their families and friends and are not even close to tuned into what their own voice is saying to them.

People, How many I.O.U’s have you written yourself and never cashed in?
What would it take for us to all decide that we can take even just a half hour a day and make it all about me time?

Would empires crumble? Children starve? Tests be failed? Disasters ensue?

We are all getting a giant cosmic no to those questions right?

What would I do with my selfish bitch or bastard half hour? Take a bath? Go to the gym? Lay out on the lawn in the sunshine and count clouds or birds? Read a just for me, just for fun sexy book? Take a nap?

What if the only person who can really give you shit for being a selfish bitch or bastard and make it stick you is YOU?

Questions you can ask yourself to make this connection:

Hey Body? What can I do for you today to make you feel good?
Hey Body? What clothes would you like to wear today to make you feel happy and sexy?
Hey Universe? What can I do or be today to have more fun?
Hey Universe? Would you be willing to show me something beautiful when it’s time to take some time out for me?

The Universe, Divine Connection, Oneness or whatever you call it at your place responds to questions. The more open ended questions that you can ask in one day the better the Universe can gift to you those things that make you happiest.

Open your mind and your eyes and see what else is possible in your life.

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