Power of Intention/Prayer

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has~ Margaret Meade


I just learned that the daughter of an old school mate was in a terrible car accident and it has hit me like a tonne of bricks. Especially considering all the driving we did in Black Creek at speeds considerably exceeding the limit and managed somehow to get away with. Driving to Miracle Beach and up Macaulay Road, with deer and bear and raccoons and other vehicles and bikes and horses and goodness knows what else on the road and nothing bad ever happening.

Which leads me to write about the Power of Prayer.

No, not the tent revival hallelujah mumbo-jumbo kind of prayer or trying to convince someone of your way of living kind of prayer, or the send me your money kind of prayer.

The quiet, sweet, empassioned prayer that a stranger can make for another stranger. I believe these are the prayers that are answered first by God. (Buddha, Vishnu, Allah, Christ, Creator) These honest prayers have priority loading Nexxus passes to Heaven (the Universe)because they are the most unselfish prayers of all.

Scientists have studied the power of intention or prayer on the growth and healing and even the cellular activity of organisms and people and tell us of the beneficial power of prayer. In fact a study conducted at the Duke University Medical Center showed that heart patients who were prayed for, by prayer gatherings of people from around the world, were more likely to recover with fewer complications than those who were not prayed for at all. These same patients didn’t know they were being prayed for but benefited from the prayers and according to Dossey, the power of prayer worked across all religions and systems of belief. Even plants, bacteria and mice respond beneficially to prayer in these various studies. The most important factor was the empathy, love and compassion felt and projected by the person doing the praying. Not only that, the person doing the praying is receiving the same healing benefits.

Now before we all head out to pray, I thought I would share some of the secrets of praying. Not that I am any Guru or anything but my research into praying indicates that the future is what we have to keep in mind when we are praying. Focus on what will happen next.

For example: I will be praying for my friend’s daughter tonight and I will envision her doing all the same things that she would be doing, sassing her parents, fighting with her brothers, driving to and from work and living and growing into the woman she is meant to become. I will envision love and happiness and children of her own riding dirt bikes on Doberstein’s farm and getting stuck riding the #71 bus to school.

Take 5 minutes out of your day or evening and say a prayer for Hayley Doberstein. Her Facebook page is “Pray for Hayley Doberstein” and this is the link: http://tiny.cc/OA6UU

She is a lively and lovely young lady and needs our prayers.