Perspiration meets Inspiration


If Success is 99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration then this is where the rubber meets the road.

I am going to have an amazing year. This year I will step away from my old life and embrace a new successful happy healthy grounded secure life. I will use my talents in a way that charges me up and makes me feel proud and valuable. I will be an excellent caretaker of my body, my home, my family, my heart. I will junk, donate, sell, gift, recycle anything that isn’t valuable or immediately useful. I will create a peaceful beautiful home that reflects my tastes. I will be the Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend my family need me to be, strong, resilient, accessible, energetic and thoughtful in a way that is authentic and nourishes my spirit. I will educate myself and seek guidance from experts in the areas that I need to improve.

These are my goals for 2010.

I have already started….