Opportunity is Calling for you, are you available?

This is the time of year that most people evaluate what they accomplished this year and give themselves some kind of grade on the year…  if they didn’t accomplish much they somehow failed no matter what the challenge was.

What if this year’s challenge was to survive all the challenges?

So many people had to move for work, change jobs to try to make more money, deal with the economic restructuring of their industry as well as challenging relationships, family, children, not to mention personal limitations of which we all have.

In order to change your “route” in life you have to change your “frequency” that you are operating under.  For example: have you ever cranked the tunes in the house so you could have some oomph to get your chores done?  This music changed your frequency so that you were better able to accomplish your goal of completing the chores.  On a more global perspective, there are thousands of people living at the frequency of hopeless who are just trying to get enough to live out a day.  This is not our challenge, we have way more decisions to make in a day and sometimes it’s very hard to polarize with so many choices to make, heck even not making a choice is making one…  what if we all could do better by changing our frequency.  So for example if I change my frequency to include enough money to regularly donate to charity then I will be able to include changing another person’s frequency to include hope which is a way higher frequency than hopeless.

Another way to change your frequency is to meditate and feel the feelings that you would have by being able to experience the goals that you have.  I have attached a video meditation that I made for myself for the following year and I can honestly say that since I made it on 11-11-11 some of the goals have come true already.

I believe the universe wants to give you an amazing life, it is only you who is not yet ready to receive it.  Open your heart to abundance….