Only good, yup just good!

What if this minute, this hour, this day, this week or even this month or year you could teach yourself and really learn to embrace all that is lovable, intelligent, sassy, sexy and interesting about yourself?

This month I am focusing on all that is good in my world and in myself. The things that I like about me.

I have been running and have been developing these killer legs all of a sudden.. and there are the old favorites, my dimple in my cheek and the way I can get even the most tense people to loosen up and have a laugh.. I have great skin and pretty eyes and I like my hair.

It’s so “not Canadian” to talk about the things we like about ourselves isn’t it? A braggart and blow hard, and conceited and full of hot air… we have all these expressions for people who talk about themselves don’t we? So much so that we have difficulty as a nation saying “Whoo Whoo, We Rock” even if we are seriously rocking. Don’t you find that so interesting that as a nation we have a little complex about saying nice things about ourselves?… no wonder some of us suffer from low self-esteem!

How about starting small?… when someone says “Jennifer, you are getting so fit!” I am now forcing myself to say “Yes I am and it feels great, this weekend my sister and I ran 8 miles!” instead of the usual obligatory thank-you-aww-shucks kind of response. That way I am owning the results because believe me my friends I have earned this one in a happy dance kind of way.

Baby steps. Loving yourself inside and out and not being shy to have a toot-toot-beep-beep moment when it comes is very important for so many reasons. People feel safer and more secure with confident well-adjusted people. Heck, animals only bite people who are scared of them!

So, practise makes perfect, memorize 3 things you find attractive about yourself, then when you are having a self-critical moment, come to a screeching halt and think about your attractive qualities.

Even better, what if we spent an equal amount of time being pumped about how far we’ve come in our lives, how great a friend we are, what fun we are to be with, how we can run-dance-sing-sail or have some other killer talent, our dimple, fit legs, sexy beach hair… whatever it is….. as we do thinking about stuff we did that was stupid or what some a-hole thinks of us?

What then? The world could be your oyster, and I just love oysters!

One thought on “Only good, yup just good!

  1. Leanne says:

    You rock my sock drawer. You and I have been able to share an amazing journey this year and I look forward to keeping it going!!!!!

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