NIMBY equals Nino?

  Does NIMBY equal Nino?

 I KNOW you’re thinking WHAT?

 When I first heard about the bid to have the Olympics in the lower mainland I was thinking it would be a good idea. I even thought that since there would be all this attention on the downtown core that the “hastings crawl” would benefit from the Olympics since it needs a serious solution. I thought that the influx of jobs creating all the venues and all the attractions would benefit the average family in the lower mainland and likely the Province as a whole.

I think my disenchantment with the Olympics came during the ticket sales, whole blocks of tickets were held for VIP’s and nothing for actual residents of the communities that would be hosting the games.


 As a business person, I know that if I want people to get on board, I have to let them know what is in it for them. It has to be a tangible, not some far off airy fairy promise of economic benefit. I think a block of tickets that were only sold to residents of BC would have been the tonic that brought people closer to the events and had them looking forward to the Olympics and chatting up the Olympics to their family and friends. The tickets came and went and only the elite could afford them, or were given tickets so that they could be part of some photo-op publicizing the events.

 This leads me to the connection.

 Some of you may remember the hype about a book called “The Secret”. Everyone who was anyone was touting this book as being “the greatest book evar”. It turned out that the Secret wasn’t as secret as it was purported to be. The book was about Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction. A concept that goes back as far as the disciples of Jesus and likely was older than The Bible itself. The Bible states that one should pray as though what they seek is there already. A biblical definition of positive affirmation if ever there was one.

There have been many terrific speakers who have motivated people to create better lives for themselves with the power of positive thought. Zig Ziglar, Louise Hay, Brian Tracy, and the master himself Anthony Robbins. They didn’t create the concept but they did effectively package it for human consumption.

 The weather has been the warmest winter in a very long time for Vancouver. There is no snow. Trucks of straw are being driven up the mountain to create the base for the half-pipe with man made snow being smoothed overtop like cream cheese icing on a carrot cake. People in my office were wondering if the straw would show in the footage of the snowboard events or if the events are going to be able to go off as planned with the crucial commodity (snow) being missing in action.

 The general consensus of people I have informally interviewed is the Olympics will be inconvenient and that the tourists coming to Vancouver to see the games and all the road closures and don’t park here and don’t come here was annoying to those who live in the areas affected. So many people are talking about going to Mexico, or to Hawaii, certainly not buying $5000 worth of tickets to Men’s Olympic hockey or Bobsledding. A family would have to be millionaires to be able to afford the tickets, then take the mandatory transit to the event, buy souvenirs, eat and take the mandatory transit back from the event…. It’s not like you could walk to Cypress Bowl.


Is it possible that our public discontent with the Olympic Games has manifested itself in the very weather that will make them a disaster? If so, was that our subconscious intent?


Since I cannot afford the tickets and enjoy the Games, then neither can the millionaires next door? I know the rational mind cannot conceive that humans actually have the power to change the weather, however it is possible that the power of negative thought can change the world.


I suggest we embrace the Olympics and for the sake of our Canadian Athletes it might be time for a collective SNOW- Dance!