Moving Forward

I tend to be a person who second and third and even fourth guesses everything that I do.

Lately I can feel the Universe feeling impatient with me and making me make harder decisions so that the easier ones feel easier and lately I am more able to make a snap decision about me and what I want and what suits me without worrying so much about the impact on others.

New happenings in my life are forcing me to stand up for myself and move forward with my life and what suits me.  The Universe is making me strong and making me resilient and making me move forward since anything less is not an option that I am willing to accept.  I have less feelings of anxiety over the results and more faith in the process.

Threats that would have kept me awake for days are now only slightly more than a minor irritant.

My lump of coal has now been squeezed into a diamond and the polishing and cutting may be temporarily painful but will eventually reveal the final shining result. I will remember to believe in myself and what I can accomplish here on the planet.

Thanks Universe!