Audacious Ask TV

Ready to get Audacious?

One of the things that I have noticed is that we are programmed to ask for way less than we could get excited about, way less actually than we need to have a really fulfilling life.  I am here to let you know that it is more than ok to ask for way more than you ever thought possible to show up for you!  Let’s get Audacious!! ~Jennifer Cramer Lewis Audacious Ask TV Episode 21: How many “Don’t Want’s” are preventing you from having Money? Audacious Ask TV Episode 20: How do you make more money and get recognized? Audacious Ask TV Episode 19: What is The Foundation and Why don’t you want one? Audacious Ask TV Episode 18: Talking to Real Estate and Buying a New Family Home Audacious Ask TV Episode 17: Taking the Trauma out of Your Body after a Shitstorm Audacious Ask TV Episode 16: Being a Teen, Taking Tests and Trauma Audacious Ask TV Episode 15: Talking to Investment Real Estate before you Buy it! Audacious Ask TV Episode 14: When you want to kick your boss in the face! Audacious Ask TV Episode 13: Talking to your bestselling book before you write it! Audacious Ask TV Episode 12: How do you include your body in the creation of your life and living? Audacious Ask TV Episode 11: How can you invite people to choose your business? Audacious Ask TV Episode 10: Are you willing to have a hater? Audacious Ask TV Episode 9: Tools for Creating Your Future Audacious Ask TV Episode 8: Are you making it hard? Audacious Ask TV Episode 7: Are you choosing for you or is something else? Audacious Ask TV Episode 6: How Magic are You? Audacious Ask TV Episode 5: How Valuable are You Willing to Be? Audacious Ask TV Episode 4: What if “Good Enough” is not good enough for You? Audacious Ask TV Episode 3: How Much $ is too Much $? Audacious Ask TV Episode 2: Sad? Mad?  Is that Bad?  Audacious Ask TV Episode 1 :  Expanding Out and Creating More