Jennifer is bringing spirituality back. (at least into my life)

I am a lucky girl. My Mom is very groovy and open-minded and always encourages us to use our minds and be true to our spirits and walks the walk by educating herself as well.

At 16, I participated in a workshop called “The Pursuit of Excellence” which was/is a self-development course that showed me to always tell the truth/ be 100% accountable for the life I am creating/ to clean up any messes that I create both physically and mentally and emotionally and best of all the law of attraction. I grew up in a house where all these things were a part of our culture. Not to say we were perfect, far from it, but we had some excellent tools to use to relate to each other and ourselves.

Another course that I took called “Unleash the Power Whithin” showed me that all the areas of my should work in balance. If you imagine a wheel with spokes, each of the spokes has to be the same length for it to roll properly. I discovered that some of my spokes were missing entirely and some were entirely too long. I was spending way too much time on work and none at all on my physical health or my spiritual health.

I decided to create my own spiritual routine to do every night as I go to bed. I have a little area that has my books and candles and pictures of my children so I light the candles and say what I am grateful for and who I want the universe to protect and what my special wish is and then I do a meditation from a Kabbalah book I have called The 72 Names of God. It has specific meditations for 72 different things to attract into your life or develop. I am sure there is something non-denominational out there but this works for me. I also pick a random angel card and see what I need to focus on. This is making me feel more balanced and I am enjoying making the time for “praying”.

During spring break, the boys take turns falling asleep in my bed. Since they snore and whap me with arms and legs and hog the covers, it is rare that they make it though the night without being relocated, although this is getting harder since they are growing gigantic!

I shared my new spiritual time with the boys and they were very excited to tell me the things that they were grateful for and the things I should be grateful for too. We had some nice discussions about things that they are worried about and things that they wish they could do over in the past and people that they wanted to protect. Both thought of Haiti and Chile independent of any prompting from me and Griffin’s special wish was for Global Peace. SO Sweet! They loved the candles and were very interested in spirituality and meditation and focusing on sending out love to the world. It warmed my heart and I was very proud of them for being such open-minded and interesting little guys.

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