An Invitation!


An Invitation to the Delicious Path!

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Lynn Jennings of The Delicious Path, a conscious eating specialist and coach and thought that you would love to hear about Lynn’s amazing work on this planet!

Lynn, a former Chef, was introduced to conscious eating by way of some serious health problems that she was having that made it hard for her to eat most all of the lovely things that she had been accustomed to preparing for her customers and eating for herself and her partner Peter.

For someone who is a conscious creator and artist to have their medium (food) taken away from them can be a real opportunity for a pity party or growth. Luckily for Lynn and her customers, growth is the route that she chose.

Lynn related to me a recent program that she watched where a family would drive to 4 different fast food restaurants to get their dinner meals and then when they returned home to eat dinner, they would separate to 4 different rooms with televisions so that they could eat their food and watch their own TV program and relax. This was a normal family activity for this particular family. As it happens the family was overweight and looking for assistance to change their eating habits and was working with a coach who was showing them how to cook nutritious meals in a short amount of time and also cater to the particular palate of the family members so that it would be tasty and even fun.

Lynn related that eating together has the following benefits;

Eating together and having a conversation slows eating pace dramatically- most people have conversation at the dinner table and this is excellent for your digestion process.

Slowing down allows the body to appreciate the food with the other senses such as smell and sight, the body responds by sending in chemicals and hormones that assist with digestion.

Sitting together promotes community and relaxation, speaking about your day and being together promotes the relaxation response and the body sends in beneficial hormones and chemicals.

Taking time to eat with others promotes a connection to the food and to the earth itself.

What if we could all take a minute and appreciate the food before it goes in? In our family we had to wait until everyone sat and then we had better compliment the chef or we were not popular!

Relaxation helps the body to reduce the stress response. When the body is in fight or flight response, blood flow moves away from the organs towards the limbs and heart so that you can get the heck out of there. Prolonged stress stops digestive enzymes and creates die off of beneficial gut bacteria. The poor intestines are not fully prepped and are not able to handle the food when it gets there.

Lynn also talked about the pervasive diet culture in the western world. How doctors tell us that calories in and out is no longer the key equation due to increased amounts of stress in our regular lives. It is more a case of what’s eating you than what you are eating. People have issues with mood, immunity, body image and judgements around food that are way more complicated than just calories in and out. Also that everyone seems to want to sell the diet that worked for them without considering how unique and wonderful everyone is on the planet. No “one size fits all” solution is available to conscious eating. The thing is, food itself is neither “Good Food” or “Bad Food”. What if we could just eat the food and enjoy it without judging ourselves or the food?

So what about conscious eating? Imagining sitting on a silk cushion and eating with slippery chop sticks listening to Tibetan meditation music? Sounds cool but it’s actually easier!

Here are Lynn’s tips for conscious eating:

1.Slow down; get a clock and try to double the time that you would usually take to eat a meal.Try to make eating last even 10 minutes, then try to double it again to 20 minutes. Taste and smell the food and enjoy the texture and flavour as you are eating it.

2.Breathe; put down your fork and take a deep breath with every bite or converse with your family or friends while eating.

3.Set the table; use cutlery, light candles, have napkins and glassware. A feast for the eyes is also important to conscious eating.

4.Plan ahead; make a shopping list and have healthy food on hand.There are many guides and ideas that are available for shopping list planning and also what do do with leftovers to make them new again the next day.

5.Listen to your body’s natural eating patterns; skipping eating often results in over eating. If you are not a breakfast person then eat lunch earlier and make it a good one with some protein.

6.Don’t forget healthy fats and protein; many people are not getting enough healthy fat or protein in their diet, both of which reduce appetite and are essential for good health.

7.Make sustainable changes; anyone can be on a diet for a week, after that point it becomes boring and unsustainable. Begin making changes that you can live with such as shopping and prepping meals on the morning of your last day off into ziplocks that you can just pop in the crock pot or wok.

Lynn encourages her clients to eat like royalty, make good meals that are tasty and have high quality ingredients in them that you enjoy. Always choose the best chocolate or whatever you are craving. Savour the eating experience and take time away from your work to eat your meal. Shut out distractions and be aware of the food and its effect on your body. Take 10-20 minutes to enjoy a meal so that you can have optimal digestion.

Sound like you need more information, would like to interview Lynn or would be interested in experiencing The Delicious Path?

Email me back and I will put you in contact!