Interval Training


Tonight I went to the track and did interval training with my sister which got me thinking about life in general.

  The premise of interval training is that you run for a bit and walk for a bit and overall you end up running 1/3 of the workout. Then you gradually do slightly more week by week and once you have done it for 13 weeks you are strong enough to run for an hour straight.

What if we took this interval concept and used it in our every day lives? If you wanted to add a good habit to your life you could do it in intervals. If you wanted to eliminate a bad habit you could do it in intervals as well.

I find that I tend to be all or nothing when it comes to my health or my finances or my life in general. I come from passionate people we rant and rave, we are not slow and steady wins the race kind of people.

I think it would be healthier for me and maybe for everyone to look at a month and see how many times I exercised, even for a half an hour at a time, and how many times I ate vegetables, meditated, how many times I avoided gossip, how many times I thanked people and even how many times I made a latte at home instead of going to the coffee-house.

Treat these new skills I want to develop like muscles and strengthen and stretch them until I am ready to use them consistently.

 Interval training for my body, mind and soul.