Hopeless Romantic

As a child and now as an adult, I am still what they call a hopeless romantic.

My adult version is more internal than external since it’s not all that PC to be romantic these days. Even the term Hopeless Romantic, like there’s no hope in it…. where the heck does that come from?

I was thinking about romance and knights in shining armour and all the lovely novels I read as a kid. I was a precocious reader and was blasting my way through the Little Golden Books by the time I was 3 or 4, due in part to a curious mind and a diligent Mom who read to us every night with her finger following the words and her voice changing with the characters.


After vaporizing the local collection of Golden Books and then on to Nancy Drew, my mom had little choice but to let me consume whatever I could get my hands on in the house. We were a liberal family and I grew up on a farm so I knew at least biologically what sex was for. Admiring my curious mind, Mom let me read anything I wanted after letting me know I’d better discuss anything I was curious about with her instead of my Brother and giving me my own dictionary for the hard words.

I used to have daydreams of what my wedding gown would look like and what my husband would do and how he and I would meet and all the lovely details that only a very romantic girl would daydream about. These ever so romantic books were all filled with the sweetest of details that I drank like a camel at an Oasis. The environment I grew up in was far from romantic, my family were farmers and fisherman at that time. My Mom grew up with a Mother and Sister that were all about sewing and cooking and the “womanly arts” so her way of coping with all that crap was heading off to the barn since her Mom and Sister were already a club of their own. Not to say there wasn’t love, it was just a more practical, pragmatic, straightforward kind of love.


It’s funny though, everything that has happened over the years has caused me to hold on to my romantic inclinations rather than abandon them. At the moment there is no romantic muse in my life so I romance my friends, we watch Sense and Sensibility, we drink wine and have good cheese, we lunch and go antiquing together, I get them presents, they get me presents, we make stuff and fix stuff together. I make sure to tell them how great they look and how much fun I have when we’re together and definitely make plans to see them a lot. We have dinner dates and take our kids to the park together. I’m sure we’d all rather be having all this romance with a Man but for the time being it’s a blessing to have such wonderful friends and I am grateful.

Hopeless Romantic? More like Hopeful Romantic 🙂

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