Where does grit come from anyway?

This morning I pounded it out at my running clinic and it was really challenging. I am favouring an ankle so both of my legs were sore afterwards. Everyone was chatting their brains out which was distracting. We were running for twice as long as I was used to and I was struggling, red faced, and panting. However I knew exactly what we were going to do that morning and I was determined to push myself to finish.

Which made me think about what happens in real life when you don’t know when the end is? How can you gauge when it is appropriate to push yourself and when are you spinning your legs like the Tasmanian devil on a patch of ice? Hard to say what the answer to that question is….

Someone asked me today what my motivation was to join the clinic and I told them that I used to run 4 or 5 times a week a long time ago and then gave up on it when my life became a real struggle and now since my life has been harder again lately it seems appropriate that I bring running back into my life. I let my passion for running go and now I want it back along with my passion for life itself.

I guess it boils down to what I can do. I can learn to run again. I can set the goal of running the whole damn Sun Run and complete that goal. Teaching myself to run again is within my grasp, I can see the end game and running feels healthy and strong for me do right now.