Today I am grateful. I embrace the place I am in and express my gratitude for the following:

Choices: I am grateful for freedom of choice. I am free to express myself in my dress, my spiritual practice, what I read and what I have to say. I have a career that I chose for myself, I own a home in an area that suits me. I choose what I eat and what I do. I even have the freedom to make bad choices and the freedom to change my mind.

Health: I am grateful for my body. I am healthy, my body works the way I need it to. No health problems whatsoever. I am strong and powerful and my body responds well to exercise.

Family: I am grateful for my family. I have terrific children who I am very proud of. I have the loving support of my Mom and my Sister and get to spend time with them all very often. I come from good people who taught me manners and respect and showed me a strong work ethic and taught me to teach myself new things and broaden my horizons.


Canada: I am grateful for Canada. I am safe here and women are respected and have equality in Canada. There is nowhere in Canada where I am not allowed to go because of my race or gender or economic status. I have the freedom to go where I like and do what I like.

My Home: I am grateful for my strong warm safe home. I live in a quiet tree filled neighborhood close to everything. I can paint and decorate it to suit me and make it individual. It is mine.

My Sanity: I am grateful for my mental health. Sometimes this is debatable. I am not a drug user or alcoholic no matter how stressful my life gets. I meditate, I exercise, I get therapy if things get really hairy. I am sane, strong and resilient. I am ready for life’s challenges.

I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful.

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