Freedom of the Press

I guess this is bothering me more than I let on.

My friend Jennifer (see right for her blog address) had a post on her facebook about a book that Amazon has on their Kindle website that caters to Pedophiles and gives them some advice on how to get along in the world of pedophilia. Seriously? At first I thought this was an elaborate and completely sick joke. Then Amazon defended themselves by stating that they were defending the freedom of the press. Again not joking…. google it!

So I thought to myself, does Amazon have books about beastiality? So curious Jennifer had a look and yes they have fiction about people and animals! and even more not politically correct, they have non-fiction about these activities. Serious!

Then I searched some other topics that I thought were equally kinky/gross/illegal and you bet they were there in both fiction and non-fiction versions.

I guess we are just way more naive than we think we are and these big companies have been catering to the kinky/gross/illegal all along and we only just found out about it.

Thank God for the freedom of the press, that way we found out about this book, exposed it and now the big companies have to face the press themselves. I tried to search the book that brought this all to our attention and Amazon has dropped it from their web site. The power of social media is changing the landscape of morality for better or for worse. Let’s hope and pray it’s for the better.

Just in case it isn’t, please spend some time creep-proofing your children, there are some excellent books available at your local book store, you know, the one that ISN’T Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of the Press

  1. Yeah, i had mixed feelings on this issue. I believe in freedom of speech so by all rights, things i don’t like should be available. Having said that, it’s disgusting and i wasn’t happy it was for sale. The fact is, bad stuff is all around us but it’s usually hidden behind closed doors. I have ALWAYS been frank and upright with my kids, letting them know what’s in the world for better or worse. Was it the right approach? Only time will tell. So, although I hate the idea of the book, all the publicity did was spur people to buy it. It should be available in a warning section similar to all the other nasty stuff you mentioned. Just my opinion.

    • I believe in being age appropriately frank with my children.. sounds like you have the same approach. I am a little naive about the availability of all the creepy stuff, who would think that a place like Amazon would carry it? I thought that there would only be perv-specific web sites that you needed a credit card to enter… hopefully Amazon will re-think their approach to these topics being available. This is akin to selling vibrators in the personal health section of Walmart!

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