What are they really? We have expectations of ourselves, of outcomes, of others. There are positive expectations, great expectations, negative expectations, impossible expectations.

 These expectations can help and hinder us. Our parents have expectations of us, our children have expectations of us. Employers and employees have expectations of us. We have them about how our lives are supposed to go, what is supposed to happen.

 This year I have had a conscious effort to avoid expectations of myself, of others and of outcomes.

 I find that expectations are these invisible inflated balloons over peoples heads that may or may not really reflect reality. My idea of other people’s expectations for me are likely incorrect and my expectations for others may not be in the cards for them. I am trying not to expect anything.

 When you think about it, there are so many variables in the day it may not be possible to influence the outcome of anything. Sometimes there is freedom in faith, just let go, expect nothing.

I am open to what the universe brings, I expect nothing, my eyes are open to see whatever is there to see.