Creating a Vacancy

So many of peoples lives are cluttered. Jammed full closets and dressers and garages too full to even park one car in. This year it has become obvious that there is no room in my life for a vacancy.

Even if I wanted to have something/someone come into my life, just where would there be room for it to arrive?

I am now consciously creating vacancies here and there in my home.

Since I want more company it is important for my entryway to have room for people to arrive. When I open my hall closet there must be room for guests to put their coat and shoes.

Since I want more room for money in my wallet, I am now making sure that the receipts and miscellaneous crap stay out of it.

Since I want to give my children more room to grow and play, I majorly cleaned out their drawers and closet and vacuumed all the dust bunnies out from under their bed this weekend. I even junked a few of their toys so they have room for the toy gods to send something from the universe.

I also read in the book Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life that if I want my soul mate to come into my life I have to create a vacancy in my bedroom as well, clean out a drawer or 2, cut back so there is room to hang something in the closet, and probably quit sleeping in the middle of the bed and spruce up “their” side of the bed to include things that “they” would need like a lamp and bedside table.

All of this probably makes complete sense to you feng shui experts out there but since I have harnessed my closet chaos and started this major spring cleaning I feel clearer, less irritated and more ambitious about what I can accomplish in 2010.

Try creating a vacancy in some area of your life and see what arrives!

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