What if changing the world was as easy as asking a question?

What if the statement “Everything happens for a reason” is total bull, what if it’s partially bull? What if it’s even5% bull?

I have another amazing story to report about the tools of Access Consciousness!

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My Mom owns a piece of land up on the mountain in Osoyoos B.C. where she has horses and dogs and is living the life as a lady rancher on her land.   Seriously how does it get any better than that?

My Mom was coming onto her property and opened and shut two sets of gates and in doing so had to drive her truck into the yards and shut it behind her. Something she had done uncountable times before. This time was somehow different and her dog was run over by accident. My Mom was devastated and immediately got everything together to bolt for the nearest vet to save the dog.   The neighbours assisted and everything lined up quite well but she was sent onto the specialist vet that was hours away.   While the dog was in surgery my Mom called and I shared with her that indeed everything does Not happen for a reason and that this was indeed a terrible accident that was not due to carelessness or anything that she could possibly beat herself over the head with. I gave her these words to say over and over when she was tempted to beat herself about the accident.


These simple words start the universe collecting the quantum entanglements and moving them in the direction of improving any and every situation.

You can use them in the “holy hell how does it get any better than this shitstorm?” mode or you can use them when you are uncomfortable about something stressful and then you can also ask them when you are having a particularly great day and want to savour that this is indeed a new level of awesome that you can choose to “uplevel” too.

The science behind states that if there are two glasses of water in the same room and one of them has a higher frequency, then the second water glass will automatically raise to the higher resonating frequency. If your body is resonating at a low frequency (anger, shame, guilt, blame) then you can be attracting even more low resonating people or situations. The very words of HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? cause a change in the body frequency raises the resonance every time you say it.

So back to my Mom. Ever the good student, she took those words and used them over and over while the dog was in surgery and there were no unmendable parts discovered during the surgery and when the dog awoke, she was actually wagging her tail a bit in recovery. My Mom has continued to use the HDIGABTT tool every day with the dog since then and the dog is actually mobile already in her little casts. Seriously, even though she’s not supposed to be able to move around she can go about 20 feet!

Whatever you do, do not try this dangerous and life altering tool for fun! (just kidding, use it, abuse it even!)

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