Who are you BE-ing?

Who or What are You Being Today?
Who or What are You Being Today?







Last week I had a beautiful opportunity to have an evening with Jill Prescott, a fellow lightworker.

Jill gently reminded me of how much I really know about coaching and facilitating and guided me back to facilitating myself.

OH RIGHT! Sheesh, it’s so easy to fall off the rails isn’t it?

So I started asking questions like a real bonafide Access Consciousness Facilitator, just like I do with my clients!

“Who or what am I being today?” (Great for when you are not quite being you!)
“What’s right about this that I am just not getting?”

“If I was truly being myself, what would I do today?”

“What energy, space, and consciousness can my body and I be today to have all of this come to fruition with total ease and faster than expected?”

“What fun and interesting people I meet today?”

“How much fun can I have today with my life, my body, my living, my family, my business?”

“Where can I go today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have?”

“If I had $500,000,000.00 today, how would I spend my day?”

The questions bring about an awareness (rather than any answers) and then cause me (or you!) to see other possibilities. The possibilities were there, they were just waiting for a question!

This stuff really works and I credit it with not only saving my life but making it more enjoyable than I ever thought possible!

So, don’t forget to ask questions and also BE with the people who mean the most to you as much as possible!