What Does Jennifer Cramer Lewis Do?


This is Me:

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Global Business Coach with 20 Years Big Business Experience,

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

International Speaker and Workshop Leader,

Internationally Best Selling Author

Creator of Audacious Ask TV and the Audacious Podcast

Unapologetically Pragmatic Profitability Specialist

I have truly been there and back again. Over the last 8 years as a coach and facilitator, my clients have cured life-threatening illnesses, dumped chronic body pain, repaired broken homes, left abusive ones, met their dream partner and fallen in love all while growing their businesses and dropping their barriers to having more money, energy and vitality than they ever thought possible.   I adore my clients so much that its very easy for me to see when they are telling themselves stories about what they can and cannot achieve, so I don’t believe them.   I gently assist my clients to steer their businesses towards the clients and creations that light them up and away from the ones that drain them. 

  • Elegance I adore simplicity and systems.  I have tried so many of them for my own business and have researched even more for my client’s businesses.  Need a system or three?  I absolutely can recommend several to add elegance of delivery for you and your clients, saving on the frazzle and doubling down on the dazzle. How much more fun would that be for you and your future?

  • Energy I am a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator® and am trained teach you how to use your body and energetic field to it’s best advantage.  Instead of ignoring that you have a body, I show you how to ask it questions!  I wonder what your body already knows about creating your profitable business?

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